Secure payments

All gifts donated through our platform managed by our bank, SEB, WyWallet or PayPal. After completing the collection transferred money from SEB to the receiving organization's bank account or PayPal account.

Paynova is our payment and is one of Sweden's leading payment solutions online and is listed on the NGM Equity. Paynova has a license from, and reviewed by, the Financial Supervisory Authority.

Euroline is our acquiring bank and is today the market leader in secure and fast card payment solutions in Scandinavia and is a wholly owned subsidiary of SEB. Euroline has also licensed by, and reviewed by, the Financial Supervisory Authority.

In addition, we have also an auditor reviews all records.

We've also contacted the Swedish Fundraising Control and asked them to view us but it is sadly accept their statutes. They review only foundations and non-profit organizations.