Zohero Privacy Policy

Zohero is committed to respecting your privacy when we use your personal data. We use your data as described below to allow you to use Zohero, enhance your experience using our platform, maximise your giving network and ensure that no good cause goes unfunded (and of course comply with applicable data protection laws!).

Who Are We?

Zohero in the Sweden/EU is a service provided by Funder Sweden AB, an entity established under the laws of Sweden. You can contact Zohero via [email protected] This Policy applies to our collection and use of your data in connection with our services.

How to Reach Our Data Protection Officer?

To contact Zohero’s Data Protection Officer regarding our processing of your personal data, email [email protected]

How Do We Notify You of Changes to this Policy?

We keep this Policy under regular review and place updates on Zohero.com. We will also provide notifications of material changes via email or other channels. If you keep using the Services after we notify you, you consent to the updated Privacy Policy. If not, you may cancel your account.

What Are Your Rights?

Zohero recognises that your personal data belongs to you and we don’t wish to use it in ways that you don’t want us to.

You can exercise a variety of rights regarding our use of your data:

  • You can ask us for a copy of the information we have about you
  • You can ask us to correct any incorrect data we have about you and you can also update your account details yourself at any time by visiting your Zohero account
  • You can ask us to delete your data
  • You can ask for your data in a common, machine-readable format
  • You can ask us to restrict the processing of your data

Note that some of these rights may not be enforceable until 25 May 2018 and some aren’t absolute—for example, we may not be able to forget you if we have to keep some of your data to comply with the law—but we’ll evaluate your request in accordance with applicable data protection laws. Zohero will respond to your request within one month of receiving it.

What Data Do We Collect?

We don’t receive any personal data about you other than what you provide us, either by creating an account, using the Services, from Facebook when you agree to connect your Facebook account to Zohero, or data we can infer from your use of the Services.

When you create a Zohero account: We will collect basic contact information about you to set up your account you so you can make donations or raise funds. This will include your name and email address.

Alternatively, you may authorize us to collect your basic personal details from a secure online source (e.g. Google, Facebook, PayPal or a sponsor charity) to which you have already provided this information.

When you sign in to Zohero using your Facebook account: If you choose to login via Facebook, we will obtain access to your Facebook public profile information and email address. We will use this information to allow you to login and populate our records about you.

When you make a donation: To enable us to process donations, we will collect basic payment information as well as your name, email address as well as information the fundraiser owner has asked to collect, such as t-short size, home address or membership number. Your name and the amount you've donated will display on the public page, unless you choose to donate anonymously. As well as making your donation anonymous, you can also change the display name to something else, such as a nickname or your initials.

When you create a Fundraising Page: We will use the details you provided when you set up your account to create your Fundraising Page. We will also collect details of the receiving party (organization or person) that you are supporting. Where applicable, we will ask you to provide details of how and when you are intending to fundraise and/or the occasion you are recognising by carrying out the fundraising.

Where you create a receiving party, our partner Stripe we will also collect the needed information to enable receiving donations via card and to do payouts to your account, such as date of birth, telephone number and personal bank account details.

If you create a receiving party for a club, organisation, body or association which is managed by someone other than yourself, you must ensure that the manager(s) of that club, organisation etc. agrees to your fundraising (e.g. you are a member of a sports club and want to raise funds for a new clubhouse - you must seek the agreement of the sports club committee).

What Happens If You Don’t Want Us to Have Your Data?

You are not required to provide personal data to us. Note, however, that your failure to do so may affect our ability to provide the Services you request. For example, we are unable to process your donation to a fundraiser if you do not provide your payment information.

How Do We Use Your Data?

Zohero uses your personal data to provide the services you request, to personalise your Zohero experience, to send you communications and to enhance your ability to raise funds for the causes you care about. We also use your data to help us make Zohero better and to advertise to you.

Services Requested: We use your information to provide our Services to you:

  • using your account data to enable you to take advantage of our platform’s features, like setting up a Fundraising or Crowdfunding Page
  • processing donations
  • where you set up a receiving party, to carry out bank account verification and identity checking, including with a credit reference agency

Personalising your Zohero: We want to enhance your experience with Zohero by tailoring the site to your interests:

Enhancing Your Ability to Raise Funds: We offer you a variety of ways to enhance your fundraising/crowdfunding abilities, such as:

  • when you create or update a page, allowing you to share that news with your giving network by email, to other Zohero users or through your social networks

On What Legal Bases Do We Process Your Data?

We process your personal data on a variety of legal bases depending on the use. For example, we will only process your personal data to send you direct marketing if we have your consent and you can withdraw this consent at any time by visiting your account and opting out of receiving such emails. Sometimes it is necessary to process your data for us to comply with our legal obligations.

With Whom Are We Sharing Your Data?

We may disclose your data to our service providers. We also may disclose your information if required by law, requested by law enforcement authorities or to enforce our legal rights.

Our service providers include:

  • banks and payment providers - to authorise and complete payment transactions;
  • in relation to creators of Crowdfunding Pages, third party identity checking or credit reference agencies - for the purposes of identity checking and bank account verification;
  • organisations within the payment card industry - to help prevent online fraud;
  • IT, information security and cloud services providers – to help us provide the Services and keep your data safe;
  • communication providers – to assist us with the processing and delivery of email and other communications;
  • behavioral analytics tools, like Google Analytics – to collect and help us understand data when you use our Services.

We also share your personal data with fundraisers, receiving party and event partners and companies as follows:

Fundraisers Creators: If you donate to a Fundraising, we let the page creator know your identity, email address and amount of your donation.

Organsiations: We share with organisations, charities and not-for-profits who are registered with us details about donations made to them, including your personal data, unless you choose to donate anonymously. Charities and not-for-profits who are registered with Zohero also have access to data about Fundraising Pages created by our users (including personal data of page creators) so they can understand who is fundraising for their benefit.

How Do Organisation Use My Data?

As stated above, unless you elect to be anonymous to charities to which you donate or on whose behalf you fundraise, we will share your personal data with those charities. When we pass your information to organisations, they also become a controller with respect to such personal data. This means that they’re responsible for their own compliance with data protection laws when they use your personal data, and all such use is subject to the organisation’s own privacy notice. When organisations receive your details, they are required to send you their privacy notice. Zohero is not responsible for organisations’ use of your personal data or the organisations’ compliance with applicable laws.

When you donate to or create a Fundraising Page, Zohero will ask whether or not you consent to receiving email from the charity about the impact of your donation and other ways to support them including future events, campaigns and appeals. If you opt in to receiving such emails, we will pass your consent preference on to the charity, if it is subscribed to receive such reporting from us. Note that the charity will need to receive your personal data to send you emails you consent to receive.

If you want to change your preferences for a organisation to use your data (to contact you or otherwise), please contact the organisation directly.

If the organisation you’re interacting with hasn’t subscribed to receive organisation reporting from Zohero, that organisation won’t have access to details about your consent preferences. This means that they won’t know if you have opted in or out of receiving email fundraising appeals.

Note that organisations receive information about supporters from lots of different sources. We’re not the system of record for our organisation partners, so we can only collect and evidence your consent to receive email fundraising appeals from our organisation partners as you elect on our platform. We cannot reflect any changes in your consent preferences that you make directly with the organisation. For example, if you opt in to receive emails from a organisation when you make a donation through Zohero, but then you subsequently opt out by telling the organisation, Zohero won’t have a record that you opted out of receiving email from that organisation.

Where Are We Sending Your Data?

Zohero stores users’ personal data inside the European Union. Some of our service providers and affiliated organisations may lie outside the EU. Therefore, sometimes we may transfer your data outside the EU. If we do, we ensure your data is processed only in countries that provide an adequate level of protection for your data or where the recipient provides appropriate safeguards, such as model contract clauses, binding corporate rules, or mechanisms like the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield framework.

How Do We Use Personal Data of Our Partner Users?

If you work for a charity or company that has a business relationship with Zohero, we use your data in slightly different ways than for individual users of the Services.

We collect a business user’s name, work email address, and office number. We use this data to enable you to sign into your business’ account and to access charity reporting. In addition, we may use your data to perform business services you request. Finally, we will send you the following email communications: operational emails, customer service emails and business marketing emails.

How Long Do We Keep Your Data?

We keep your personal data in an identifiable form for as long as we have a legitimate reason to use the data and as required by law.