Vår mission

Alla vill hjälpa till! Alla vill känna att man bidrar till samhället. Som människa har man ett behov av att känna sig delaktig i någonting större. Det är naturligt - ett mänskligt behov. Men däri ligger inte utmaningen.

Sports teams, non-profits and associations are essential to our society – especially in local communities where the alternatives to engage in meaningful activities are more limited. They improve our wellbeing, enrich our culture and make our world a better place.

But the sad thing is that most of these organisations have to struggle to make ends meet. Their job isn’t easy and they shouldn’t have to spend time or resources on building websites or integrating payment solutions.

That’s why we started Zohero.

The solution lies in making it easier to make a difference. We know how to make it easy and fun to engage and interact with their friends. We simply contribute to what we can best - smart and fun services on the web that allow you to challenge yourself and your friends while collecting donations for your organisation. All in order to make the world a little better.

Zohero helps people and organisations realise their dreams.